“The level and clarity of Michael Wilt’s writing . . . gave our newsletters a breath of life and stimulated our readers. Michael’s combination of writing experience, understanding of Catholic theology, and his stellar work ethic made him a trusted resource. In addition, he continually handed in projects ahead of schedule, which in the publishing world is always a blessing.” Jillian Koeneman in reference to work performed for Ave Maria Press

Michael Wilt is a meticulous, creative, and hawk-eyed editor whose professional counsel and service to me in the making of my book Credo went far beyond the usual writer-editor partnership. His judgment, erudition, and narrative sense were remarkable--rare virtues in any profession, and especially valuable in any project having to do with writing, editing, and publishing.” Brian Doyle, editor, Portland Magazine, author of Credo, God Is Love, and Spirited Men

Michael Wilt is an editor of enviable skill and insight. . . . In every instance, I found his editorial comments to be well placed and wise. . . . As a result of his work, I could not be more pleased with the end result.” James S. Lowry, author of Low-Back, Ladder-Back, Cane-Bottom Chair

“I have found Michael Wilt to possess, to a very high degree, the qualities an author desires in an editor. His friendly, personal approach has been matched by his very thorough study and continued enthusiasm for my manuscript. . . . He commits his strong and wholehearted efforts, practical skills, intuition, and imagination to producing a book that will attract the reading public.” Irene Zimmerman, author of Woman Un-Bent and Incarnation

“Over the years I grew to admire Michael Wilt’s ability to work closely with authors. He deftly negotiated the fine line between helping authors maintain the integrity of their insights and voices and keeping the interests of readers in mind.” Carl Koch, former senior editor, Saint Mary’s Press

“During the [editorial process], I could observe firsthand the impressive knowledge of relevant subject matter, the expert editorial skills, and the commitment to excellence that Michael Wilt brings to his work.” Jeffrey Brodd, PhD, author of World Religions: A Voyage of Discovery

“I am a grade level editor of a major language arts textbook who has worked with Michael Wilt on two recent editions. The experience of working with Michael is pleasurable on every level. He has a lively intelligence and asks incisive questions that often help me to quickly identify weak points or inconsistencies in the instruction. More than other writers I’ve worked with, Michael cares deeply about turning in creative material that uses interesting examples in order to allow students to grasp the instruction. It’s easy to fall into ruts with educational writing, but Michael works hard to keep his writing fresh and original. He has a fun sense of humor and he is always punctual and understanding of delays on my end. I would strongly recommend Michael as a freelance writer.” Steve Frankel in reference to work completed for Pearson Education

“I worked with Michael Wilt when he was director of editorial operations at Cowley Publications and I was a Cowley author. Throughout the editing and production of my books Michael was available to me by phone and email. He was helpful in many ways. I recall a useful multi-page guideline for authors that he developed and distributed to me and to other authors. On the phone and in person Michael was cheerful and encouraging. As we worked through revisions of my manuscripts Michael directed hard questions of style, usage, and meaning in a cordial way, with insight and humor. He was forthcoming and open about publication schedules and other details of the manuscripts’ development into books.” Jeff Johnson, author, Harbors of Heaven

Michael Wilt was the editor at Cowley Publications when I wrote a book, Compassion as a Subversive Activity. He was superb—detail-oriented and with a clear sense of the niche this book might fill. He contracted with an utterly superb project editor outside of Cowley since he thought that might be the best fit, then showed total devotion to getting the project done and making it available in a timely fashion. Wise, funny, encouraging, kind, but firm and honest—everything you could desire in an editor.” David K. Urion, MD, Children’s Hospital Boston

Michael Wilt is gifted with great skills for detail and wide vision for the bigger picture. His interpersonal skills are the same—he recognizes and supports the details of a writer’s personality, while always treating him/her as a professional partner in the process. Yes, one can be a publishing professional without becoming an amateur human being—Michael Wilt proves it.” Wayne-Daniel Berard, author, When Christians Were Jews (That Is, Now)

Michael Wilt is an excellent editor, with an eye to high quality and salability. His attention to detail produces titles that serve the market, the author, and the organization.” Christy Risser-Milne, colleague at Cowley Publications

Michael Wilt is an outstanding Editorial Director who played the most prominent role within the management team as Cowley Publications migrated from being an Episcopal-oriented publisher to one which made a concerted effort to reach beyond the Episcopal market to a broader trade spirituality market. Michael was not only extremely successful achieving this acquisitions strategy for Cowley Publications, he acquired and oversaw the input of over 24 acquisitions, breaking all previous records for Cowley Publications. Michael also played a pivotal P & L role the management team was choosing sales and marketing companies to align itself with; as well as oversaw other outsourcing activities. The net result was greater productivity, more efficient use of employee time, increased revenue and profitability. Michael is a consummate business professional with a very rational and practical mind.” Donald G. Follansbee, Chief Operating Officer, Cowley Publications

 “I’m honored to recommend Michael Wilt, who headed our Augsburg Books imprint while I did the same for Fortress Press. He’s a great publisher and very accomplished editor. He essentially reoriented that program from a pious evangelically oriented line to a general-reader program in religion for mainline Christians and “seekers” through Amazon, Barnes& Noble, and independents. I can also vouch for his superb editing skills, especially in reorganizing and rewriting material—a skill that authors very much appreciated. Michael’s high standards, proven skills, and easy manner made him one of the best publishing colleagues I have worked with in twenty years here.” J. Michael West, former editor-in-chief, Fortress Press

Michael Wilt was my editor for Praying with the Celtic Saints, a book published by Saint Mary’s Press. He was encouraging, professional and efficient throughout the process. I recommend him highly as a very competent editor, with the ability to bring in new acquisitions that are worth publishing.” Mary C. Earle, author

“It is my great pleasure to recommend Vicki Wilt as an Editor. I have worked closely with her for over a year via FA Davis Company. She was my first line editor for my new 1000-page textbook, Medical Language: Terminology in Context. What I love most about working with Vicki is her ability to spot not only the grammatical or style errors, but irregularities or logic problems in the content and flow. Wonderful. I also really appreciate that she doesn't just make corrections when it comes to this but offers suggestions or asks me many questions about it instead. This has been very, very helpful, especially when sometimes, deep into a chapter, the wording become a bit of a blur for me. 
     “I also have sincerely appreciated Vicki's knowledge of editing and publishing, and her timeliness in returning copy to me for revision or approval. More than all of that, I have especially appreciated her camaraderie! It is a wonderful thing for an author to find an editor who can also be called 'friend'.” Melodie Hull, author

Vicki Wilt is a very quick study! She achieved a thorough understanding of a complex product in a very short time, grasping key concepts and raising important questions about the work. She was very pro-active, preparing for tasks well in advance so that she was able to hit the ground running and produce results quickly. Her editing skills are superb; she has a keen eye for details in both content and style and knows how to craft concise and accurate copy in very limited spaces. Vicki is personable and easy to work with. Nothing fazed her and she always responded positively to changing circumstances. I recommend her without reservation.” Phyllis Edwards in reference to work completed for National Geographic School Publishing

“Over the past 25 years Vicki Wilt and I have worked together on many projects, ranging from educational materials to nonfiction writing. Besides being a great person to work with, always flexible and reliable, Vicki is also a very strong writer as well as an amazingly meticulous editor. In both capacities, I find her to be creative, concise, and always in tune with her audience. Recently, as the editor of my translation of a book on Asian history, she impressed me again with her versatility and her ability to combine attention to detail with a quick grasp of the big picture. I give Vicki my highest recommendation and look forward to working with her on future projects.” Kim Choi, freelance editor, writer, project manager, translator

“For more than 20 years, I have been hiring freelance writers and editors for Language Arts materials, but I would rank only a dozen or so in the top tier. Vicki Wilt is one of them. She is an excellent writer with deep knowledge of the subject, an understanding of the ever-changing market, and a sensitivity to the needs of the publisher, as well as the end users—both students and teachers. She writes with clarity and concision and consistently produces materials that are on time and adhere to guidelines. She is honest and straightforward and possesses a wry sense of humor. I have always enjoyed working with her and consider myself lucky when she has room for my projects in her schedule.” Elaine GoldmanPearson Education, first hired Vicki as a Writer/Editor in 1988, and many times in the ensuing years

Vicki Wilt is a strong and talented writer. I had the pleasure of working with her on an English Language Learners project. Despite the project’s steep learning curve, her work was excellent and punctual, she asked questions, and she was very responsive to feedback. I would gladly work with her again.” Andy Tang in reference to projects completed for Baseline Development Group

“I have worked with Vicki Wilt on two projects within the last year. Vicki was quick to pick up on complicated specifications; careful in applying those specs to her work; accommodating when necessary; and always, always on time. She is a skilled editor and a delightful person. I recommend her highly.” Bonnie Brook in reference to work completed for National Geographic School Publishing