Services and Rates

Curriculum Writing and Revision

We have long experience writing, editing, and revising curriculum from many leading educational publishers. From prototype to final changes we will work within your system to help you meet state and national educational guidelines on the schedule you need to maintain.

Developmental Editing

Also called substantive, line, or content editing, developmental editing is the process of evaluating the content of a manuscript, along with the overall style and flow of the presentation. While we will also pay attention to spelling and grammar, the primary goal is to provide input that improves your argument, story, or instructions to the reader—in short, to ensure that you are saying what you mean to say in the most effective manner.

Developmental editing is done in Microsoft Word documents using the “track changes” feature. It can be supplemented by phone calls and email conversations as you work through the suggested revisions.

Copy Editing

Copy editing ensures that your manuscript conforms to standard spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage, and that these standards are applied consistently. We copy edit in Word with track changes so that you can easily review all suggestions and changes.


We proofread galleys that are ready to go to press, articles for publication, and any other material that requires close attention before its presentation to your readers.

Book Proposal Evaluation

Thinking about sending a book proposal to a publisher or agent? We will read, evaluate, and recommend changes that will help you meet the submission guidelines of most publishers, and help you get the attention you need from acquisitions editors. We have nearly 20 years experience in the book acquisition game and although we cannot guarantee acceptance, we can help you make the best case for your work.

On-Site Availability

We are based in Amherst, Massachusetts and are available for on-site assignments in the Pioneer Valley.


Rates vary depending on the nature of the material. This list provides approximate ranges. Contact us to discuss the details of your project.

Proofreading: $22.50-35/hr (8-12 galley pages per hour)
Copy editing, light: $30-40/hr (5-10 ms pages* per hour)
Copy editing, heavy: $40-50/hr (3-7 ms pages* per hour)
Developmental editing: $45-65/hr (3-7 ms pages* per hour)
Manuscript/proposal review: $25-30/hr
Rush jobs: add $10/hr

*manuscript page = 250 words