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The New Revised Catechlysm is Here!


One of my favorite projects from this past year has just become available from Amazon and Smashwords.

The New Revised Catechlysm by Brother Paul, D.U.I. is a smart and scrappy parody of the Baltimore Catechism. It comes complete with explication, Q & A, and exercises that guarantee you will get the most out of this most Catholic of teaching.

Confused, for instance, about The Creation and the Fall of Man? Consider these helpful questions and answers:

What is man?

“Man” is a creature composed of body, soul, and a memory full of pop song lyrics. He is made in the image and likeness of God, though the resemblance isn’t obvious most of the time. And don’t forget that “man” is also “woman.” For some reason, they want to be included in the whole mess. 

Is this likeness to God in the body or in the soul?

The likeness couldn’t be in the body, since God goes to the gym almost every day, and is not just All-Powerful, but All-Muscular and All-Chiseled, too. So the likeness must be in the soul. Do not strain yourself in the search. 

Who were the first man and woman?

The first man and woman were Adam and Eve, the parents of the whole human race and the only people whose immediate family engaged in widespread and completely defensible incest.

At Tucker Seven we had the pleasure of editing the Catechlysm, a task for which we received a relic of the hucklebone of St. Belinda de ZaZuZaz, patroness of pole dancers and posthole diggers. We also designed the book’s interior and prepared the files from which the ebook versions were created, which netted us a choice between a year-and-a-half off our Purgatory time or salary arbitration with the Boston Red Sox; the latter have not returned our calls. Finally, we contracted with Brad Norr of Brad Norr Design to sheathe the Catechlysm in a prayerful, holy, and wholly necessary (so flight attendants will know you are not playing Words With Friends) cover.

We are proud to have participated in the creation of this incredible resource, a book that is destined to educate and enlighten generations of seekers, the sought, and America’s Ten Most Wanted.

Learn more about the Catechlysm at its web site. Or go straight to Amazon to purchase it in print, or Smashwords for any of several electronic formats.

Amazon:   Smashwords

In the words of Brother Paul: HEY, PAX VOBISCUM!


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