From Our Portfolio: The Habit by Susan Morse

It's always nice to see good press for books we've worked on here at Tucker Seven--in this case a proofreading job.

The Habit by Susan Morse is a memoir of a daughter and her mother, particularly of that difficult time when the mother is aging and the daughter has a husband and children of her own to attend to as well. The range of emotion is captured by the opening line of an article about the book from Philly.com:

"Nobody dies at the end of this book," writes Philadelphia's Susan Morse in the preface to The Habit, a sometimes searing, often hilarious account of a mother-daughter relationship Hallmark probably doesn't have a card for.

The relationship is complicated by the spiritual searching of Morse's mother, whose most recent endeavor is to take the habit of an Orthodox Christian nun. Both skeptical and respectful regarding her mother's choice, Morse tells the story of her family background with humor and grace. Also humorous, but perhaps a bit less respectful, are Morse's tales of navigating the complications of the eldercare, healthcare, and insurance bureaucracies as she attempts to find the best living situation for her mother in the Philadelphia area.

The Habit is available in print and ebook forms. Click the picture for more information.


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